Why Lomilomi?

Living in a place where you have access to a multitude of massage modalities, you might ask yourself why you would choose to experience the art of Hawaiian lomilomi.

The biggest difference in lomilomi is that during training, a practitioner is taught to hold space for their client, to do the work with love and intention, and the work is so fluid that it can induce the body to let go and “ride the wave,” releasing muscles and emotions in a way not possible with other work. If you’ve ever felt your jaw clench after bad news, or realized your shoulders hurt more on a work day than a day off, you can begin to understand the value of releasing emotional holding patterns. Hawaiian music, including drumming and chanting, is used during a service, which further elevates the experience. And contrary to Western massage, a lomilomi practitioner uses their breath, or mana, to energize themselves and remind you to breathe. As opposed to the scientific roots of Swedish philosophy, the roots of lomi are deep within us.

A Swedish massage is relaxing for your mind. A deep tissue massage addresses the knots and kinks. A Lomilomi massage, received with an attitude of trust toward the practitioner, will enable you to release long held emotions in the tissue, and will help your body remember how to be soft and work optimally.

Come experience the ancient bodywork that is at once like tai chi, yoga, hula, and massage. Watch the video, read how we hold stress in the body, find out what to expect, and see for yourself how lomilomi can help release these patterns.

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