Valentine’s Day – We’ve Got What You Knead

This Valentine’s Day, I want to see all your shining faces as you give yourself and others the best gift there is: care! This year everyone gets a special day. On Thursday the 14th, the day is set aside for individual massage appointments. Come be your own Valentine and warm up in our cozy studio. Whether you squeak by on lunch, come in after work, or take your good old time, I’d love to see you.

Saturday the 16th is the day for “couples” massages – and we use this term loosely. Each of you gets the luxury of your own treatment room, but you can share the experience before and after together – often the preferred way to get massages with a special someone (not to exclude best friends, moms, cousins!). I will be partnering again with Nicole Karras, my fellow Licensed Massage Therapist whose studio space is mere feet from mine and is similarly warm, inviting, and full of happy plant life. She has a wealth of knowledge in many modalities, and has a gracious and welcoming manner.

Sunday the 17th is also a special day – I am opening up the day for appointments from 10:00-5:00. I will also be offering meditation sessions for $35, $10 off! Sundays at the Center are wonderfully serene, the perfect time to begin the journey to inner tranquility.

If you’ve been wanting to share the space and experience with a special person or would love to set aside time to intentionally enjoy care for your mind and body, make sure to reserve your spot! Five of these thirteen spots have already been claimed. Call/text/email 614-302-6586 /

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