Myofascial Release – Be the First to Experience It!

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be completing training for Myofascial Release Technique with the revered John Barnes training program. This technique addresses pressure within the myofascial system, the web of connective tissue throughout the body which envelopes and surrounds the muscles, and communicates with the nervous system. Trauma, inflammatory response, and surgery can create this pressure, and traditional Western medicine which addresses the symptoms will often provide only temporary relief, if any. This work is used by chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other practitioners alike to address the whole system with a long-term scope. From TMJ to scoliosis, migraines to fibromyalgia, pain sufferers travel long distances to receive this treatment from a competent professional.

I cannot wait to share this healing work with you, and I would like to ensure I have plenty of opportunity to do so. That’s why if you book a 60 minute Myofascial Release session for dates between 10/29 through 11/30, pricing will be just $60 (completed at checkout). While these sessions may feature other modalities, the majority of the work will be from this technique. Come see what it’s all about before the price goes up in December! Book Now and see you soon.


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