Myofascial Release Therapy- A Game Changer

Having completed training in the world renowned John F. Barnes Method of Myofascial Release, I can confidently tell you this work will be a game changer. For you, for your loved ones, and for me as a practitioner. If you embark on this therapy and let the work happen with an open mind, the results will speak for themselves. This work is the ideal therapy for athletes, physical laborers, office workers, frequent drivers, expectant mothers, even infants and toddlers. It is effective treatment for TMJ dysfunction, digestive issues, anxiety and depression, hip pain, and so many others. And, if the therapist and patient work together, you may even find healing in areas you didn’t expect. If you’ve been to Elevate before and received what you considered to be slow, mindful, effective work, know that I was intuitively finding this work session by session, and I have just taken a quantum leap in my understanding of it.

If you schedule a 60-minute Myofascial Release appointment for a date beginning now through the end of November, the price is $60, with the discount taken at the time of your session. After that time, this therapy will be offered at $80 for a 60-minute session. Our website has been updated to include an information page for this work. Please peruse, feel free to do other research on this work (making sure it is for the John Barnes Method!), and come to your session ready to move past pain.

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