Heather Ralston, Licensed Massage Therapist, founded Elevate Massage in 2015 and chose the name when considering the feeling she experienced during and after her first massage. Massage has measurable benefits, sure, but it also has intangible effects on mind and body. Massage can help to heal physical trauma after an accident or injury, but it can also help to heal emotional trauma long held in our bodies.

Elevate Massage is located within the Center on High, a space for healers of varying types to practice. Though there is a simple pricing structure, Heather also offers a Pay What You Can scale for those with financial need. If massage and the education that comes with it can become more widely experienced, her hope is that massage will be recognized for the essential treatment that it is, and the industry and community overall will benefit.


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About Heather

Heather’s undergraduate work in business management led her to financial account management, a sedentary and stressful career which led to chronic neck pain. This led her to try acupuncture, massage, and a library of self help topics. Her shift to the healing arts was immediate and decisive; she began her massage therapy education one month after receiving her first massage. She studied at Columbus State Community College, where she later taught massage coursework. She has additional training in lomilomi, prenatal, sports, trigger point, aromatherapy, hot stone, and lymphatic drainage massage techniques.

Heather is particularly interested in the mind’s ability to facilitate physical healing, and is always looking to incorporate new techniques and forms of healing into her work.