Elevate Massage is moving!

As of September 3, Elevate will be in Upper Arlington! Our new address will be 4700 Reed Road, with quick access from 315. I am thrilled that there will be dedicated parking lots in front of and behind the building, the office will be located on the first floor making it much more accessible, and faces away from the street for enhanced ambiance.

The office suite will be shared with a fellow massage therapist who I’ve know for five years and have traded services with for the past year and a half, and we are very excited to be able to collaborate in the future. Stay tuned for that!

If you would like to fit one more massage in at the old space, make sure to book for August 30 or earlier. All sessions after that time will be in the new location. See you soon!

Deep Pressure isn’t Always Best…


Before you set foot in this office for the first time or once again, check out this article! It says perfectly how one should approach a massage. Let go of expectations of a certain pressure level, allow yourself to relax into receiving. Because this is, after all, a mind-body therapy. Our covert goal is to activate your body’s restorative processes and facilitate your body healing itself.

The false assumption underlying bad and common deep tissue work is that to get a great therapeutic effect, therapists need to apply a lot of massage pressure. This is false—in fact, it is as naïve as assuming that for music to be effective, it needs to be loud—because the relaxation of muscles is largely not a result of massage pressure; it is the result of the nervous system turning off the message for the muscle to be tight.



Mother’s Day is Just Around the Corner!

Moms are the best – right up there with grandmas. However you choose to honor the special women in your life this Sunday and every day will bring them joy – but one option I’m particularly fond of is a gift certificate for massage. Imagine your favorite lady being whisked away with the oceanic flow of lomilomi, pampered with the soothing softening movements of lymphatic drainage, or really getting those kinks in the neck worked out with deeper myofascial work. Moms often sacrifice their self care for the care of others – make sure she knows her care is a priority to you! I will be in the office today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check in for a good time to stop by and pick one of these up – or see if one of my remaining Mother’s Day openings will align with her schedule!

Check Out this Review!

I’ll let Tara do the talking – come see why people are consistently having their “best massage ever” with me at Elevate!

— Heather

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Closed for Retreat

Elevate will be closed from February 27 – March 10 as I will be attending a meditation retreat in Illinois. During that time, I will not have access to my phone or email. Most questions can be addressed on the website, and I’ll be happy to answer any remaining questions when I return. Otherwise, feel free to use online booking!


Specials, Bonuses, Discounts!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter! Yes? No? Oh your lips are frozen together? Well, perhaps this will warm you up: Elevate now has discounts, specials, bonuses!

1. If it’s been more than 90 days since you’ve been in the office, I’ll take $10 off when you come back in for a visit by March 31!
2. Re-booking Discount – If you re-book your next appointment for a date within six weeks of your current appointment – and keep it – you will get $10 off! The goal here is to reward you for continuing to think proactively about your massage regimen and making space for it, because **your body will respond better with regular massage than it will in crisis mode.** Unlike those corporate places, there are no contracts here – just a reward for managing to invest in yourself regularly.
3. Refer a friend and get $10 off for each of you when they make an appointment and keep it! This can be combined with others; so, if you re-book AND refer a friend you could get $20 off a massage. Referrals and online reviews have been essential to getting the word out for me, and I want to show my appreciation.

Thanks for listening, and stay warm and soft! Spring is just around the corner, friends ✨🌷

New Services ✨

I’m thrilled to say that in 2019 I will be offering new services as well as incentives for making massage a part of your schedule and budget on a regular basis!

First, I am adding cupping massage to my list of techniques. Starting today, you will be able to schedule a regular 60 or 90 minute massage and receive cupping techniques integrated into the work! This is a valuable tool for addressing bound fascia which can restrict movement and function in the body. It is also helpful for respiratory issues, cellulite, and sluggish lymph flow.

Second, Beginning Meditation classes on Wednesday nights have come to an end, and individual meditation instruction sessions will take their place! I heard feedback from so many that they didn’t feel quite ready to embark on their meditation journey in a group setting, and voila! Sessions will be offered for $45 for 60 minutes, and will consist of instruction followed by a seated session together and information to take home. If you would still like to take this in a group setting with a few friends, feel free to reach out to discuss pricing and make sure my space will accommodate the group.

Third, lomilomi continues to be a service people are seeking even from out of town! Some who received this work ten years ago on vacation and thought it was only available on or around the Pacific Ocean are finding they can now access it right here in Columbus – meanwhile, business folk in town from Missouri or Iowa are taking advantage of it while on their quarterly visit! This healing work comes from the Hawaiian islands and has been the main form of bodywork in Hawaiian culture through many generations. You can check out a video of this service here.

Let these healing modalities keep you soft and warm until Spring! Stay tuned for exciting discounts that will make this work even more accessible and make you feel good about staying on top of your self care.