New Services ✨

I’m thrilled to say that in 2019 I will be offering new services as well as incentives for making massage a part of your schedule and budget on a regular basis!

First, I am adding cupping massage to my list of techniques. Starting today, you will be able to schedule a regular 60 or 90 minute massage and receive cupping techniques integrated into the work! This is a valuable tool for addressing bound fascia which can restrict movement and function in the body. It is also helpful for respiratory issues, cellulite, and sluggish lymph flow.

Second, Beginning Meditation classes on Wednesday nights have come to an end, and individual meditation instruction sessions will take their place! I heard feedback from so many that they didn’t feel quite ready to embark on their meditation journey in a group setting, and voila! Sessions will be offered for $45 for 60 minutes, and will consist of instruction followed by a seated session together and information to take home. If you would still like to take this in a group setting with a few friends, feel free to reach out to discuss pricing and make sure my space will accommodate the group.

Third, lomilomi continues to be a service people are seeking even from out of town! Some who received this work ten years ago on vacation and thought it was only available on or around the Pacific Ocean are finding they can now access it right here in Columbus – meanwhile, business folk in town from Missouri or Iowa are taking advantage of it while on their quarterly visit! This healing work comes from the Hawaiian islands and has been the main form of bodywork in Hawaiian culture through many generations. You can check out a video of this service here.

Let these healing modalities keep you soft and warm until Spring! Stay tuned for exciting discounts that will make this work even more accessible and make you feel good about staying on top of your self care.


Valentine’s Day – We’ve Got What You Knead

This Valentine’s Day, I want to see all your shining faces as you give yourself and others the best gift there is: care! This year everyone gets a special day. On Thursday the 14th, the day is set aside for individual massage appointments. Come be your own Valentine and warm up in our cozy studio. Whether you squeak by on lunch, come in after work, or take your good old time, I’d love to see you.

Saturday the 16th is the day for “couples” massages – and we use this term loosely. Each of you gets the luxury of your own treatment room, but you can share the experience before and after together – often the preferred way to get massages with a special someone (not to exclude best friends, moms, cousins!). I will be partnering again with Nicole Karras, my fellow Licensed Massage Therapist whose studio space is mere feet from mine and is similarly warm, inviting, and full of happy plant life. She has a wealth of knowledge in many modalities, and has a gracious and welcoming manner.

Sunday the 17th is also a special day – I am opening up the day for appointments from 10:00-5:00. I will also be offering meditation sessions for $35, $10 off! Sundays at the Center are wonderfully serene, the perfect time to begin the journey to inner tranquility.

If you’ve been wanting to share the space and experience with a special person or would love to set aside time to intentionally enjoy care for your mind and body, make sure to reserve your spot! Five of these thirteen spots have already been claimed. Call/text/email 614-302-6586 /

Now Offering Free Aromatherapy

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, I am now offering free aromatherapy with any service! I have eleven of the most common and helpful plant essences in-studio and ready to add to the oil that will be applied directly to your skin, so you will have topical and inhalation benefits. These essences have many helpful properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antispasmodic, anti-cancer activity, anti-anxiety, and effective treatment for pain, headache, and nausea! Come see what the fuss is about.


Have You Seen the Reviews?

I don’t know if you’ve seen these reviews, but… 12 5-star reviews on Google and 11 on Facebook! I bet you’re wondering what I did to deserve such praise… I bet you’re wondering what such a massage experience feels like… you should find out.


Collab #2: Clintonville Couples Massage

I’m excited to announce I will be offering Clintonville Couples massages in partnership with Nicole Karras, a long-time massage therapist at The Center on High. Nicole specializes in several modalities including Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Myofascial Release techniques. These appointments will be in your very own treatment rooms with time to share snacks and tea together before and after. This is your chance to share massage with your partner, best friend, mom, or brother while enjoying the individual experience of your own massage.

We will be offering these services on select Saturdays. Upcoming dates: December 15 & 29, January 12

Email or text/call 614-302-6586 to schedule yours; spaces are limited! We’ll see you at the Center.


Black Friday Mini-Sessions Collab!

During the holiday season, I will be doing some cooperative planning with a couple other practitioners in the Center On High to bring you new ways to care for yourself. First up, this Friday (big shopping day, I’m told) I will be doing 20-minute $25 mini sessions for those who have been wanting to see what the space is about but may prefer to test the waters. From 11-1, technically on a walk-in basis (though I recommend scheduling with me ahead of time!) you can get either a chair massage or a clothed table massage between retail errands. I’ll be in the office with Jessica Trickett, our very own psychic, medium, counselor, and healer. Jessica will also be offering mini sessions during the same time with a meditation session at 2:00 to end, so reach out to her as well for a mini wellness day!

And of course, I will be in the office all day on Small Business Saturday! Schedule a time to pick up a gift certificate or get your self care on.

Gift Certificates on the way!

Just in time for Black Friday, gift certificates are on their way! Give the gift of loving touch and healing this season.

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