Have You Seen the Reviews?

I don’t know if you’ve seen these reviews, but… 12 5-star reviews on Google and 11 on Facebook! I bet you’re wondering what I did to deserve such praise… I bet you’re wondering what such a massage experience feels like… you should find out.


Collab #2: Clintonville Couples Massage

I’m excited to announce I will be offering Clintonville Couples massages in partnership with Nicole Karras, a long-time massage therapist at The Center on High. Nicole specializes in several modalities including Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Myofascial Release techniques. These appointments will be in your very own treatment rooms with time to share snacks and tea together before and after. This is your chance to share massage with your partner, best friend, mom, or brother while enjoying the individual experience of your own massage.

We will be offering these services on select Saturdays. Upcoming dates: December 15 & 29, January 12

Email heather.elevatemassage@gmail.com or text/call 614-302-6586 to schedule yours; spaces are limited! We’ll see you at the Center.


Black Friday Mini-Sessions Collab!

During the holiday season, I will be doing some cooperative planning with a couple other practitioners in the Center On High to bring you new ways to care for yourself. First up, this Friday (big shopping day, I’m told) I will be doing 20-minute $25 mini sessions for those who have been wanting to see what the space is about but may prefer to test the waters. From 11-1, technically on a walk-in basis (though I recommend scheduling with me ahead of time!) you can get either a chair massage or a clothed table massage between retail errands. I’ll be in the office with Jessica Trickett, our very own psychic, medium, counselor, and healer. Jessica will also be offering mini sessions during the same time with a meditation session at 2:00 to end, so reach out to her as well for a mini wellness day!

And of course, I will be in the office all day on Small Business Saturday! Schedule a time to pick up a gift certificate or get your self care on.

Gift Certificates on the way!

Just in time for Black Friday, gift certificates are on their way! Give the gift of loving touch and healing this season.

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Love Letters

I had the honor of giving massage to a friend and his fiance the other day, just two days before their wedding. The stress was high, things needed done, but they took two and a half hours out of the chaos to take care of themselves in a special way. When they showed up, they both had notebooks that they wouldn’t let the other one see; while one got a massage, the other would be writing their vows.

This moment keeps sticking with me as I’m grappling with male-female dynamics and isolation in society right now. To see these two handwriting their vows of love and commitment to one another while the other receives tension-relieving care was such a happy sight, one I’d love to encourage.

And so, I’m offering an ongoing promotion. Bring in someone special and share with them the gift of care and love letters. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the Center and have some tea while your buddy gets a massage; then swap! This is not limited to couples, so bring your bestie. $120 for two 60-minute massages. I’ve even got paper and pens. Call or text 614-302-6586 or book online and I’ll take the discount when you checkout.

Lovingkindness Meditation

The timing of next week’s meditation style is quite fitting. We will be learning and experiencing lovingkindness meditation. If you’ve never done this in a group, you’re in for a treat. Generating positivity in a shared space amplifies the sensation – and if there’s anything we need to multiply right now, it’s love and understanding. Learning to fortify yourself by breaking down walls is a powerful tool in dealing with trauma or the onslaught of outside influences. This meditation style is also easy to learn and adopt because it gives the mind something conceptual to focus on. Let’s share together next Wednesday.

Cost: $10 (if you want to take this class and have financial difficulty, reach out)

Where: The Center on High, 3208 N High St, Columbus, 43202

When: Wednesday, October 10, 7:00 PM (note the change in time from past sessions)

How: Signup here

Vipassana Meditation Tonight!

Next in our rotating beginning meditation series is vipassana meditation: seeing things as they really are. What we will do here is allow our minds space, see what fills that space, and begin to reprogram it in a subtle and powerful way. No experience required! And as a client just said to me upon leaving, “life is 95% about showing up.” See you there, tonight at 7:30❤️