Lovingkindness Meditation

The timing of next week’s meditation style is quite fitting. We will be learning and experiencing lovingkindness meditation. If you’ve never done this in a group, you’re in for a treat. Generating positivity in a shared space amplifies the sensation – and if there’s anything we need to multiply right now, it’s love and understanding. Learning to fortify yourself by breaking down walls is a powerful tool in dealing with trauma or the onslaught of outside influences. This meditation style is also easy to learn and adopt because it gives the mind something conceptual to focus on. Let’s share together next Wednesday.

Cost: $10 (if you want to take this class and have financial difficulty, reach out)

Where: The Center on High, 3208 N High St, Columbus, 43202

When: Wednesday, October 10, 7:00 PM (note the change in time from past sessions)

How: Signup here

Vipassana Meditation Tonight!

Next in our rotating beginning meditation series is vipassana meditation: seeing things as they really are. What we will do here is allow our minds space, see what fills that space, and begin to reprogram it in a subtle and powerful way. No experience required! And as a client just said to me upon leaving, “life is 95% about showing up.” See you there, tonight at 7:30❤️

Meditation at the Center

After years of recommending meditation to clients as a way to keep tension at bay between massages, I have finally decided to start teaching it. I can’t tell you how excited I am to help bridge the gap between mind and body.

My meditation journey started with books and CDs ten years ago. I sought meditation for relief from debilitating anxiety – and from it I learned to heal from trauma and gain perspective on the world that has made me who I am today. But there were many holes in my earlier education that could have been quickly filled by a teacher and thus saved me much heartache. I’m not sure about you, but affordable meditation instruction was difficult for me to come by.

And so, starting August 29 and each Wednesday after, I will be hosting Open Wednesdays at the Center. All levels are welcome but this will be geared toward beginners who want to learn a few different styles of meditation to use in different situations.

I’m just not good at meditation. I’ve tried before and I don’t think I’m doing it right. I think I’m just one of those people who can’t meditate.

Rest assured you are in good company with this experience. If meditation were easy, we would all have mastered it. The good news is, all you have to do is show up and you’re doing it correctly. Really. During these classes you will quickly find out that the world as it is isn’t conducive to a peaceful mind, and you are doing a radical wonderful thing with your time – whatever happens.

Open Wednesdays at the Center
Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 PM *beginning August 29*
Where: The Center on High, 3208 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43202
What to expect: We will begin promptly at 7:30 with an overview of practices and pitfalls. We will have time to look at concerns or experiences you’ve been having with meditation. Then, we will sit together for a 25 minute session. Topics or styles of meditation covered will rotate each week, and sometimes the meditation will be guided. This is a wonderful way to learn lovingkindness, mindfulness, zen, pranayama, body awareness, imagery, mantra, and more! As this group becomes more established and favorites are determined, rotation will be less frequent.
Cost: $10 (cash preferred) or $85 for 10 sessions

Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot today!

Questions? Call, email or text. 614-302-6586, heather.elevatemassage@gmail.com. See you there!

Lomilomi Mountain Retreat: Report

After a week in the mountains of North Carolina, I am back in the studio and ready to share the gift of lomilomi with heightened presence.

Lomilomi requires every ounce of a practitioner’s attention and is very physically demanding; for the recipient, the fluid and ever-changing movements help to quiet the mind of thoughts and let clarity surface. As everyone has experienced trauma during their lives that their body tends to hang onto, this form of bodywork is beneficial for anyone. I would love to share this with you! Feel free to use the online scheduler, or call if you have questions about this. We can always start with my own version of a Swedish massage, with some lomilomi stirred in, and go from there. It’s all about you.

*Note: due to the nature of lomi, only one of these services will be booked per day, and pricing varies from other services

Aloha! Have a beautiful day.

Closed For Training

Hello everyone! Heather is thrilled to say she will be out of the studio the week of June 25-29, doing intensive training and restoration in the mountains of North Carolina. She will be learning the advanced techniques of lomilomi, the emotionally healing Hawaiian form of massage offered at Elevate. Come be one of the first to share in these new techniques! Enhanced services beginning July 3.

Online Booking Now Available

Hey Columbus! You are now able to easily book Elevate services and classes on Schedulicity! While we do not anticipate any kinks, we appreciate your flexibility as we transition; so, take $5 off for scheduling your first service online by July 15. The discount will take place when you check out, and must take place by August 15.

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Why Lomilomi?

Living in a place where you have access to a multitude of massage modalities, you might ask yourself why you would choose to experience the art of Hawaiian lomilomi.

The biggest difference in lomilomi is that during training, a practitioner is taught to hold space for their client, to do the work with love and intention, and the work is so fluid that it can induce the body to let go and “ride the wave,” releasing muscles and emotions in a way not possible with other work. If you’ve ever felt your jaw clench after bad news, or realized your shoulders hurt more on a work day than a day off, you can begin to understand the value of releasing emotional holding patterns. Hawaiian music, including drumming and chanting, is used during a service, which further elevates the experience. And contrary to Western massage, a lomilomi practitioner uses their breath, or mana, to energize themselves and remind you to breathe. As opposed to the scientific roots of Swedish philosophy, the roots of lomi are deep within us.

A Swedish massage is relaxing for your mind. A deep tissue massage addresses the knots and kinks. A Lomilomi massage, received with an attitude of trust toward the practitioner, will enable you to release long held emotions in the tissue, and will help your body remember how to be soft and work optimally.

Come experience the ancient bodywork that is at once like tai chi, yoga, hula, and massage. Watch the video, read how we hold stress in the body, find out what to expect, and see for yourself how lomilomi can help release these patterns.