Corporate Wellness

No matter the nature and size of your business, at certain points you will likely experience some of the challenges of employee culture: stressed out employees, high turnover, absenteeism on the rise, increased worker’s compensation claims, falling or stagnant productivity, or simply the need for a competitive edge to attract and retain talent.

Take it from ForbesLiveStrongThe Touch Research Institute, and the countless organizations big and small that are adopting a regular chair massage program into their employee wellness package – massage can significantly improve all of these metrics. When employees are less stressed and feel taken care of, they are freed up to focus on work-related tasks, take less unplanned time off on average, experience better functionality and therefore less injury on average, and appreciate their employers for providing this essential care.

Providing chair massage at employee wellness events or on a quarterly basis is a wonderful and irreplaceable way to boost morale and productivity. Employees will look forward to these moments for weeks. This frequency addresses of-the-moment aches, stress, and low energy, and will create a temporary plateau in morale. But just as you should go to the gym more often than once per quarter to see significant and lasting results, the real magic enters when massage is in the workplace often enough that all employees can receive a ten or fifteen minute massage once per month. Employees will receive targeted work and advice that will help them to retrain their muscles and brains to handle stress effectively, better execute daily tasks ergonomically, and begin to focus less on pain each day.

If you are responsible for your company’s employee wellness package and would like to unveil massage as a cost effective and exciting addition to your benefits offerings, call Heather at 614-302-6586 to talk more about options Elevate offers.


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