Infant Massage – Instruction for Parents

With infant massage, the goal is not for a practitioner to provide a single massage. What is most important is that a parent learns how to give a daily massage to their infant, to see ongoing results in development and bonding. Infant massage is also utilized in hospital neonatal care units. This specialized form of touch is successful not only in the critical weight gain of premature infants, but also in creating a strong bond between parent and infant and exposing a young child to the benefits of healthy touch. Benefits include increase in motor skill development, reduction in crying/fussing, development of bonding/positive attachment (imagine the effects in years to come! Improved sense of self and healthy touch boundaries, increased understanding of verbal/nonverbal cues). As your child ages, this will become a loved ritual that may happen less often but be just as important to them. These sessions are done in-home and include a guide to refer to daily until you know the techniques from memory!


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