Lomilomi was developed as a healing art within the ancient kingdom of Hawai’i. The complete healing system included prayer, chanting, the principles of aloha, and a style of massage unique to the islands. Each family developed their own style of bodywork, and the techniques were passed down within a lineage of shamanic healers. Many of these styles are no longer known, but two styles have been preserved with the teaching of lomilomi in the mainland United States. These are Temple Style or Kahuna Massage, taught by Kahuna Abraham Kawaii; and Auntie Margaret’s Style or Big Island Massage, taught by Kahuna Auntie Margaret Machado.

Lomilomi Massage Upper Arlington Columbus Ohio Elevate Massage
Kahuna Abraham Kawaii
Lomilomi Massage Upper Arlington Columbus Ohio Elevate Massage
Kahuna Auntie Margaret Machado

Sacred Lomi, formulated by Tom Cochran and Donna Jason, was created using the teachings of Temple Style lomilomi. It largely uses the forearms and elbows as “massage tools”, and incorporates the Hawaiian principle of ho’oponopono, an energy work rooted in love and prayer. The massage style makes use of the power of mana (breath, life energy) and allows the practitioner to more effectively address the whole person.

Lomilomi utilizes a less conservative style of draping, which can be adjusted to the client’s comfort level. The human body is seen as sacred and avoiding large areas of the body like the chest, abdominal and gluteal tissue is to avoid potential trouble spots or areas that are hanging onto tension.

Lomilomi facilitates emotional healing in the body through movements that help to quiet the thinking mind. These flowing figure eight movements will allow the recipient to “ride the wave” of the rhythmic techniques, and thus to let go. This letting go, when preserved in daily routine, means better usage and preservation of energy.

Because this work requires even more of the practitioner’s attention and energy as well as additional room cleanup time, pricing differs from other services. Feel free to call if you have further questions about this service!

Lomilomi Massage Upper Arlington Columbus Ohio Elevate Massage

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