Massage Cupping

It is a common misconception among massage consumers that no pain = no gain. However, the more pressure that is applied during massage, the more the body will attempt to brace against this pressure – thus preventing the parasympathetic nervous system that activates when the body is at rest from doing its job of restoration. All that physical work, and the connective tissue that envelops each muscle and muscle group (fascia) doesn’t even begin to release. Enter massage cupping.

The suction created from these flexible silicone cups puts the fascia on a slight stretch, and – here’s where massage cupping differs from traditional cupping – the cups are then moved across the tissue in the path of lymph flow in the body, or used to create micro tissue stretches for shorter periods. While you may leave with some “cup kisses” – the pooling of blood at the skin’s surface, and actually *not a bruise*, this is not the goal of this kind of treatment. This work addresses fusing of layers of tissue, is helpful in breaking up adhesions below the skin’s surface, and is able to achieve muscle release where other work cannot.

Cupping can be added into an existing massage or can make up the entirety of your massage – simply schedule a massage for the time frame you would like, and we can discuss if this work would be beneficial to include.


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