Whether you are recovering from a car accident, were sent by your physician, are trying to keep your throwing arm in good shape, are managing stress or otherwise, massage therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy with Elevate will help you find the path to pain-free living.

The “pain is gain” philosophy is outdated in massage. Slow, mindful, sustained work that accesses and affects deeper tissues without creating a protective response in the body has been shown to be the most effective treatment for pain. This work allows the piezoelectric principle (light sustained pressure upon a viscous object will allow the object to elongate over time) to prove itself in the form of fascial release. It also uses the body’s relaxation response, stimulating the restorative processes of the parasympathetic nervous system to allow body and mind to relax together. Often we begin with a physical injury or imbalance but our minds continue to guard an area, which wastes our precious energy and results in pain. Addressing fascial restrictions and trigger points as well as unconscious patterns of tension allows the healing work to make a more lasting impact.

Heather Ralston, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at Elevate, is trained in a variety of modalities including Myofascial Release Therapy, Hawaiian lomilomi, massage cupping, aromatherapy, prenatal massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and infant massage instruction. If you schedule a standard service, your treatment may include any of these techniques. If you would like the bulk of your session to include Myofascial Release Therapy or lomilomi, you will need to book one of these two session types. Note there is a price difference for Myofascial and Lomilomi services as they are rare skills in massage that require many ongoing hours of travel and training with the best and world-renowned teachers, as well as thousands of hours of mindfulness training that go into the intuitive aspect of this work. Click on any of the techniques below to find out more.

Myofascial ReleaseHawaiian LomilomiSports Massage

Prenatal MassageMassage CuppingInfant Massage

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