“I’m just not good at meditation. I’ve tried before and I don’t think I’m doing it right. I think I’m just one of those people who can’t meditate.”

You’re in good company. I’ve heard it from clients I’ve recommended meditation to over the years, from friends and family, but most of all from myself. All of these are natural thoughts, and fortunately, none of them are true. Meditation is a time investment in yourself, and the rewards are worth it. It’s time we talk about what meditation really looks like in a welcoming environment.

One-on-One Beginners Instruction
By appointment and completely private, we will spend time in the studio talking about what meditation is and isn’t. Half of our time will be spent in discussion, the other half in a seated session. Cost is $30 for a 60-minute session and includes information to take home and establish your own practice. This can also be offered to a small group in studio or a larger group on-site. Give us a call to schedule a group session!

Questions? Call, email or text Heather. 614-302-6586,

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