Myofascial Release

If you would like to get to the root of your pain or dysfunction, and indeed the root of most pain and dysfunction, look no further than the fascia within your body. This viscous web-like material envelops the tissue in your body from head to toe, and when healthy, is pliable and hydrated. When trauma occurs or when inflammation is present in the body, the fascia will tighten up, harden and become dry, with tensile strength up to 2,000 pounds per square inch pressing against and around the muscles, nerves, and other structures. So, when you’ve experienced a pinched nerve or a jaw that just doesn’t seem to be within your control to relax, you can attribute this to the fascia in your body. What’s more, the imbalance and restriction of this tissue does not show up on standard medical tests and has largely been ignored in medical education, including massage therapy programs.


Often, restrictions in the fascia may present as pain in one area of the body or another, while the root cause may exist in another part of the body. Your therapist may begin their work on the back, find a vasomotor response on the neck, work on the chest, and end up on the jaw.


This work is very unlike other forms of massage, and indeed is a modality that is practiced by chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals. The work involves postural assessment and is typically done with the client clothed (sports bra/ tank top and shorts or bathing suit) and on top of the sheets to allow for changes in position and so the therapist can assess the tissue in multiple areas of the body at one time. Oil is not used during this work, in order to allow the therapist’s hand to stay stationary on the tissue. The work is also comparatively slow, with profound results speaking for themselves.

At Elevate, you will receive myofascial work from a Licensed Massage Therapist and therefore it will be incorporated with more typical massage therapy techniques. If you are interested in receiving this work, you can book a Myofascial Therapy service through our online booking, or indicate you wish to receive this work when calling or emailing. We would love to work through restrictions both old and new in the body to find optimum health and function.


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